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Song copy right question

2008-08-22 19:48:58 by Naruichigarra

is it ok if you get a song and add stuff to it, like drums.
is it legal on newgrounds if i upload?

Song copy right question


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2008-08-22 19:51:02

I wouldn't try it.


2008-08-22 20:19:26

If it's a Newgrounds song, check with the Original Author first. If they say it's okay, then by all means. But, please, make it NOTICEABLY different, don't just say, "I made the bass a tiny bit louder, lol."

If it's an ACTUAL song, (Headstrong, for example) then, trust me, don't EVEN try to upload it. Your account will probably be deleted, and so will your uploaded stuff.

(Updated ) Naruichigarra responds:

do you mean like

"look, im uploading a song thats not edited by me or anyone else and i didnt make it"

i will be distroyed for that?

oh yeah, and the song i might upload is (z).x.(z) mixed with drum beats