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I am now someone else

2009-06-04 20:26:45 by Naruichigarra

I am now someone else
Naruichigarra is now....

DJ JO!!!!!

Ello peeps

This is my newest song with FL Studios 8

Click Here for New Song

Runtime: 3:27

Name:Histrionic Trek
Histrionic =Overly Dramatic

Please listen
I would
really appreciate it
and Review


2009-04-04 13:21:18 by Naruichigarra me....This song is the most epic song I have made so far!

Gold Memories
It is the 2nd song I have made with FL Studios 8 and I had help from my friends and family making this song and it took a few days to create.

Please give your feedback on what needs to be improved.



2009-03-23 17:09:43 by Naruichigarra

My first song with FL (Fruity Loops) Studios 8 is out, and it came out better than I expected.
Take a look at it! Tell me whats wrong, and tell me whats good! /223557


2009-02-14 18:01:57 by Naruichigarra

One day, i got really bored and decided to ask my cousin to name a theme for a song. And then, he said, PUDDING

here is the result!

The Pudding Song /212932

I sang this song

Factory of Techo!

2009-02-07 17:26:44 by Naruichigarra

Its Techo not Techno lol.
This song is my second song that's not a remix. I've found soo much more sounds in the Mixcraft data base so i got excited and created this song. It took 1 whole day to figure out a name for it and came up with factory of techno. Later turned into Factory of Techo.

And please tell wats wrong with it
(no flaming, supportive criticism please) /210712

Well Enjoy.

Are you a fan ZXZ??

2008-12-14 15:04:50 by Naruichigarra

Here is my 1st remix ive posted on newgrounds. I would say that it's pretty decent. It's a remix of the populary song ZXZ made by ASSIMILATION (Family Farce). /194432

Please listen

Song copy right question

2008-08-22 19:48:58 by Naruichigarra

is it ok if you get a song and add stuff to it, like drums.
is it legal on newgrounds if i upload?

Song copy right question

I wonder......

2008-06-08 01:05:25 by Naruichigarra

Should i contribute any thing to newgrounds except reviews and rateings?